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The FYS service contract & business philosophy and why we are not like most computer companies you’ve encountered.

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FYS has been in the computer industry for over 30 years.  We pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience we’ve acquired and our ability to fix your computer promptly while using only quality components to eliminate reoccurring issues. 

Unlike most computer companies, we offer service contracts to small businesses, which is the equivalent of an on-staff IT person at the fraction of the cost and for your benefit, we prefer not to work on an hourly basis. 

Here's Why...

Most computer companies that charge by the hour can’t make money unless YOU have a problem; therefore reoccurring problems are welcomed and preventive measures are not usually taken to insure that your computer problems do not re-occur.  

The cheaper components that are used in the course of these repairs along with the hourly rate appears to be saving you money, yet these short term solutions only lead to future problems & costs. 

On many occasions we’ve witnessed service companies sending inexperienced techs to a site only to have them call for outside support while on your site. This results in you being billed for the entire time the technician was learning how to do what we already know how to do! 

While no one tech can know everything, our years of experience along with a service contract, makes it so that you pay one price and we have you up an running as quickly as possible. 

That’s why FYS is not like most computer companies and by having a yearly service contract these situations can be avoided.  

An FYS service contract means that both of our companies can now work towards a common goal, limiting your computer problems to an minimum.  

The less time FYS spends at your company fixing problems, the happier we both are.  

When FYS takes a service contract, the first 1~2 weeks are spent going over your system with a fine tooth comb, taking preventative measures to make it as stable as possible so you can concentrate on running your business.


A contract also helps you budget your computer expenses more efficiently.  The cost of a major unexpected network failure can easily run into thousands of dollars, not to mention the loss of productivity if you are unable to get a service company onsite in a timely manner.  

A service contract guarantees a technician on site within 24 hours and within 4 hours in the event of a server outage. 

Unlike most computer companies FYS wants you to be prepared and  wants you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Thank you for considering FYS and please do not hesitate to call me @ 845-510-4110 with any questions you might have.

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Don Slevin, Founder, 


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